Angco Striping specializes in the expert installation of MMA crosswalks, bike lanes, and bus lanes, ensuring safer and more efficient transportation infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit users.

our benefits

A worker sprays MMA material onto an airport runway

Fast Application

We apply our materials using our one of a kind spraying process. This allows us to work much more efficiently than the traditional method of using paint rollers for application.

A worker sprays MMA onto the pavement from a mobile rig.


With thousands of successful jobs under our belt, you can rest assured all of our installations will be up to all standards and regulations.

Unique Design

The striking colors of our MMA sets itself apart from other road markings. Our colors are designed with lonegevity and durability in mind.

Bring Crosswalks New Life

When a crosswalk begins to fade it becomes a liability. We restore worn crosswalks to be better than they were before.

Certified & Approved

Angco is WDBE certified with the Florida DOT, City of Orlando and Orange County as well as being a certified DBE with GOAA.