Airport Installations

Our MMA runway surface treatment leverages cutting-edge Methyl Methacrylate resins, robust aggregates, and premium pigments to enhance airport runway functionality and safety. This advanced material offers exceptional color stability, optimizing visibility and minimizing maintenance requirements for sustained runway safety. The high-visibility color options serve to heighten awareness among aviation personnel, reducing the risk of accidents.
Our signature MMA runway treatment is engineered to endure heavy aircraft traffic and adverse weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness and reliability. The material's resilience is especially critical for the demanding environment of airport runways.

The non-slip surface properties of our MMA treatment guarantee secure traction, especially during inclement weather or slippery conditions, further enhancing safety for aircraft operations on the runway. Our MMA runway treatment complies with the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability and adherence to aviation safety regulations. We prioritize safety above all else when it comes to airport runway applications.MMA is adaptable to various surfaces, including concrete and asphalt. This versatility enables consistent implementation throughout the airport runway infrastructure, providing an effective and long-lasting solution for improved safety and functionality.

Features and Advantages of Pathway Perceptions PAVEMENT MARKINGS:
Our Installation Method

At Pathway Perceptions, we employ an efficient spray application method to install the MMA material. The resin and hardener formulations are meticulously mixed at precise ratios and expertly sprayed in a three-coat application, achieving optimal coverage. This method ensures even, durable, and long-lasting results on airport runways. Our MMA treatment can be applied efficiently in various temperature conditions and cures rapidly, typically becoming open to traffic within approximately 15-20 minutes. This speedy installation minimizes disruptions to airport operations, ensuring minimal downtime. At Pathway Perceptions, we are dedicated to providing superior MMA solutions for airport runways, offering enhanced visibility, safety, and efficiency through our advanced spray application technique.